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​What makes DynusT/DynuStudio the best Dynamic Traffic Assignment software?

DynusT is the best DTA model in the marketplace because:

  • DynusT uses the micro-like Anisotropic Mesoscopic Simulation (AMS) model to produce traffic flow dynamics similar to microscopic models, but at 1000 times the speed.

  • DynusT software was implemented with high-performance computing in mind. It is the only DTA model that is able to model a mega region like SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) which incorporates 80k+ links and 60M+ daily trips.

  • DynusT could provide inputs to MOVES and deeply integrated with Activity-Based models

  • Combining DynuStudio's superb data management and visualization capabilities, the user's modeling capabilities and productivity are now elevated to a completely different level.

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