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What is the history of DynusT and DynuStudio?

History of DynusT

  • 1995-2002 – Professor Chiu was the graduate student developer of DYNASMART-P under Prof. Mahmassani, gained solid DTA theoretical DTA foundation at University of Texas at Austin.

  • 2002 - Professor Chiu obtained his doctoral degree and started to revamp algorithmic and computational architecture and sim logic.

  • 2006 – DynusT name was copyrighted by the Arizona Board of Regent (ABOR), and declared as Open Source.

  • 2017 – DynusT was declared by ABOR as the proprietary software and licensed to Metropia Inc. Metropia will be in charge of the commercialization of DynusT. The DynusT Lab at UA remains as the lead R&D unit for DynusT at the University of Arizona.

The major research milestones for DynusT led by Professor Chiu can be found below:

History of DynuStudio/DynusT Software Development

  • 1991 – Dr. Robert Tung founded RST International, Inc. to provide professional travel demand modeling consulting services and to market UFOSNET travel demand modeling software.

  • 2011 – Dr. Tung partnered with Dr. Chiu to adapt UFOSNET for developing a professional GUI for open-source DynusT

  • 2013 – RST started to commercialize DynuStudio

  • 2017 – RST is partnering with Metropia to jointly market the DynusT/DynuStudio suite.

The advancement in DynusT's ability to simulate large-scale models can be illustrated in the following chronology chart. The exponential improvement in network size and number of modeled vehicles/agents is rather evident in the chart below.

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