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​What is DynusT's vehicular traffic simulation principle?

DynusT vehicular traffic simulation is based on the Anisotropic Mesoscopic Simulation (AMS) invented by Professor Yi-Chang Chiu. The AMS model is micro-like because vehicles are assumed to be moving forward based on the density in the individual vehicles's look-ahead speed influence range (SIR). The vehicle will decrease its speed if the SIR density increases and vice versa. This is rather similar to the car-following concept adopted by all microscopic traffic simulation models.

As a result, the vehicle movement trajectories as shown in the figure below exhibit very detailed and realistic patterns that capture various important traffic flow dynamics such as forward, backward, or stationary shockwaves.

Another heat diagram view of the shockwave propagation and dissipation below shows a very realistic traffic flow dynamic produced by AMS. In this diagram, the dynamic queue length is also clearly captured in the heat diagram. This heat diagram can be produced by DynuStudio.

More technical details about AMS can be found in the technical paper below.

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