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What is DynuStudio?

DynuStudio® is the latest graphical and data management system based on more than 10 years of development to fully support DynusT mesoscopic dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) model. With DynuStudio®, users can convert GIS based planning networks to DynusT, edit networks and input additional information, manage scenarios, run DynusT, and visualize DynusT network simulation results for debugging, analysis and presentation purposes.

DynuStudio® is aimed at supporting mission critical project delivery with DynusT. With DynuStudio® users will realize a significant productivity gain due to its user-friendly interfaces and sophisticated data analysis capabilities. The use and feel of DynuStudio® is similar to existing travel demand and traffic simulation model software packages; therefore, a user with travel demand or traffic simulation model experience will find DynuStudio® intuitive to use.

DynuStudio®’s unique features include:

  • GIS coordinates retained in double precision

  • Easy network import from shapefiles

  • Fast response for large network manipulation

  • Full-fledged network and data editors

  • Layered plotting mechanism for easy data viewing

  • Intuitive scenario management

  • Dynamic output animation in bandwidth plots

  • Visual diagrams for departure/arrival profiles and time-of-day statistics

  • Visual scenario comparison in bandwidth diagrams

  • Dynamic vehicle trajectory animations with modes and delays highlighted in colors

  • Dynamic vehicle trajectory plots for selected links and vehicle IDs

  • Bandwidth plots for selected links and zones

  • Demand OD flow plots

  • Network and GIS attribute calculators for flexible data operations

  • Advanced data manipulation with embedded Python scripting and API

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