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Can DynusT Integrate with Activity-Based Models?

DynusT has an extensive history integrating with activity-based models (ABM) such as CT-RAMP and DAYSIM. Two recently completed C10 projects in 2017 funded by US FHWA are to integrate with CT-RAMP for both Atlanta Regional Council (ARC) and Ohio Department of Transportation.

To integrate with ABM, DynusT is able to load trip rosters and time-vary OD matrices for external freight trips and airport trips. Up to 11 user classes are also created to reflect various tolling/pricing scenarios for various facilities.

The integration with CT-RAMP focuses on several innovations in consistency between activity-trip planning and network dynamics. The integration recognizes that some travel decisions are more like a long-term decision, and are not changing daily (such as activity locations), whereas some decisions (e.g. departure times) may need to be updated daily. The creation of ISAM (Individual Schedule Adjustment Model) reflects this concept.

Other innovations in DynusT-CT-RAMP integration includes:

  • Avoiding aggregation biases such as using average LOS skims instead of individual trajectories

  • Concept of “deep” integration at the individual level contrary to “loose coupling” schema with aggregate LOS

  • First experience of “deep” integration based on ABM-DTA projects for Chicago, Atlanta, and Columbus

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